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Saint-Pierre & Miquelon

Lobster Pot Making

Stage Head Tours Signature Tour

Wild Berry Foraging

Personal Guided Driving Tour

Day Tours

Sea Glass Foraging

flexible duration

This tour takes clients oceanside to take in the salty air and forage for sea glass and other sea treasures. Clients are encouraged to bring a backpack or pouch to be able to bring home their treasures.

95 CAN$ per person

full day

Would like to see the local secret spots of the Burin Peninsula? This personalized guided tour brings you to various communities along the southern tip with possible stops at beaches, shops, lookout points and restaurants along the way.

175 CAN$ per person


95 CAN$ per person

half day or evening

A local fisherman provides a tour of his fishing stage and premises. Each client can then make a Trivet or Door Mat using his previously-used fishing rope

125 CAN$ per person

flexible duration

A local fisherman provides a tour of his fishing stage and premises and then assists clients in making a Lobster Pot out of wire. 

175 CAN$ per person

Clients will be taken with a guide to the countryside to wild forage for berries. Add option to make fresh Jam with local traditional jam maker.

Custom Tours

Interested in learning more about the area? Want to visit a specific town? Try a shed party? Talk to local fishermen? Let us show you around! 

We also have various local partners who offer boat tours, walking tours, boat and other rentals, taxi services and dining experiences. Let us connect you today!

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